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Tourist Guide

Tourist Guide

22 Jul 2016

Martha Christina Tiahahu Monument

The view of Ambon city feels amazing when seen from the highland. Waiting for sunset with relax will be so enjoyable in this Monument area, especially for you whose hobby landscape photo or took selfie photo will be more beautiful if these moments are taken in the afternoon, Heeemm.,. very enjoyable, you can selfie photo, see the view of Ambon city, along with its sunset. Martha Christina Tiahahu Monument is located at Karang Panjang, hills area visible of the Amb...

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13 Jul 2016

Pantai Ora, Surga Tersembunyi di Maluku

Ora beach located in Desa Sawai, Seram Utara, Maluku Tengah  is o...

10 Jul 2016

The Attraction Of Three Islands (Pulau Tiga)

Located in the west of Ambon island, the three island is attractions that very need to visit if y...